What is CPM for my campaign?


Although A-ADS is not a pay-per-impression network, advertisers often regard CPM as one of the major performance indicators for their campaigns. CPM stands for cost per mille, or cost per thousand advertising impressions. You can count it using the formula:

CPM = spendings / number of unique impressions * 1000

With A-ADS traffic, you can count the actual CPM of your campaign if you want. To do this, you should choose any period within your campaign stats and apply the formula to the data.

If you count actual CPM for different periods, you’ll see that it’s not constant. That’s because we don’t work on fixed CPM terms - our network works as a market instead. So always check campaign performance estimates on the Campaign -> Finances -> Budget page after making any adjustments to your campaign settings.

By the way, our unique impressions are different from what you’re used to because we measure visitor uniqueness in the scope of the whole network. So the total amount of the traffic you receive will hopefully exceed your expectations.

And there’s one more option. If you still want to work on fixed CPM terms, you can use our CPM bids. Our helpdesk will gladly help you start using the option.

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