CPM estimations on campaign's budget page


To make our advertisers' lives easier, we've recently implemented an interface amendment: now CPM and CPC estimations for an advertising campaign are visible on a 'Campaign - Finances - Budget' page. So you don't need to count them manually each time you start a campaign or adjust it.

The number becomes red if CPC or CPM is more than $ 5. If the number of expected impressions is less than 1000, CPM is unavailable. If the expected number of clicks is less than two, CPC is unavailable too.

Please, check the Campaign - Finances - Budget page before you start your campaign and after you make any changes to it! The numbers will help you.

Still, A-ADS is not a pay per impression network, and you pay not a fixed CPM but a daily budget for a share of targeted traffic. The numbers you see in the interface are estimative, although usually rather precise. If you want actual numbers, please, check how to do it here.

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