Hello, bot!


Today we are thrilled to unveil a pivotal change we are going to release in the nearest future.

The world is coming into a new epoch. AI, robots, and autonomous agents are no longer science fiction: they are replacing humans in almost every field. Smart contracts are running on blockchains without human interference. The share of decentralized, fully automated businesses is ever-growing.

The future favors actors that can work flawlessly 24 hours a day and survive devastating catastrophes, including pandemics, environmental pollution, and local nuclear strikes. Human customers are going to become secondary to AI agents in terms of cash flows and GNP impact. A large share of world internet traffic is already produced and consumed by bots. Soon we will see autonomous taxis, vending machines, smart factories, and other automatic systems attracting or monetizing their customers via online advertising.

So, we’re reorienting our ad network to suit the requirements of the new reality.

Our first step towards the future is the API for our bot customers. If you’ve got a robotized offer, you are welcome to try our Robo API. Please use it with the discount coupon that reduces our fees to 50% for one month of advertising. The coupon code is ROBO2020.

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