How to Change and Confirm a Withdrawal Address


A-ADS strives to be as secure as possible, so we have enabled the measures to protect withdrawal changes via an email. This how-to describes how it can be done precisely.

  1. Start with visiting the “Withdrawal options” page, which can be found at “Finances >> Withdrawal options”, it should look like the image below:

  1. Select your “withdrawal type”.

Note: You can withdraw directly to a BTC address, or use FaucetPay; The withdrawals to FaucetPay are instant, but those to direct BTC addresses are processed only once a day.

  1. Input either

• A valid “Withdrawal address”, or
• An existing address at FaucetPay (which must be registered in advance)

  1. When withdrawing to a direct BTC address, you cannot set a “Withdrawal threshold” to less than 0.001 BTC.
  2. Enter your password or access code.

Note: If you don’t have any means of authentication, probably because you used a social account to register, please use the email connected to your social account on A-ADS password reset form.

  1. Click “Update withdrawal settings”, then click “OK” in the confirmation message:

  1. You’ll see an event:

  1. Check the mailbox connected to your account, you should find an email from A-ADS with contents like this:

Make sure to check all your folders, including “Spam” if you don’t find our email in your inbox. Alternatively you can search e-mails by A-ADS.

  1. Please, click the button, “Click to confirm”. At the destination page, you should see an event like in the image below:

Note: Once your withdrawal option is confirmed, withdrawals will be suspended for three days, as a regular measure to protect your funds.

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