SEO Strategies For Your Crypto Business

Anna Trifonova
Anna TrifonovaProduct Marketing Manager
Updated: 03 August 2023
SEO Strategies For Your Crypto Business

Small businesses have their own difficulties in getting queries to the top of Google searches and usually have a limited budget. Quite often, it can be almost impossible to compete with large companies, especially when all of the top search results are occupied by trading holdings and aggregators.

How Can Small Projects Use SEO To Achieve Their Marketing Goals?

Select Keys For Local Distribution

Optimizing local distribution starts with a crucial step: selecting the right keys. Rather than solely targeting the most common queries related to goods and services, it is essential to consider a more strategic approach. Jeff Riddall, senior product manager at OneLocal, suggests focusing on thematic keyword groups that align with user intent throughout the customer journey.

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the key lies in utilizing keywords to identify content gaps and cater to specific user questions. This approach adds value by addressing diverse queries, including indirect purchase and order-related ones, as well as seeking out pros and cons, testimonials, reviews, and expert opinions. Emphasizing "long tail" phrases and search engine cues in keyword selection can enhance the effectiveness of local distribution efforts.

Focus Your Efforts On Local Search Only

Don't chase and copy the big companies; you better find and carve out your niche.

Focus On Content

Content quality remains a top priority when building a valuable online resource. Expanding on the internet should not only focus on the number of pages but also the depth of content elaboration and incorporating additional long-tail keywords.

 Each page on the website provides an opportunity to rank for multiple keywords. A small site with only 6-10 pages, including landing pages for keywords, may only rank organically for a limited number of keywords.

To address this limitation, blogging, writing articles, and posting news with text optimized for relevant keywords become crucial. Local SEO content, in particular, enhances the website's relevance for search engines.

To determine the type of content to create, consider what would be useful to your clients. Identify their questions and the information they seek, and tailor your content accordingly to meet their needs and interests.

Put Your Company on Maps

Put Your Company on Maps


When it comes to local search, putting a company on maps seems like an obvious step. However, creating a company card is just the starting point. To maximize its impact, the card should be integrated and actively maintained with the website. It involves keeping the information up-to-date with listings, photos, reviews, and ratings. For effective local SEO, it is essential to manage and monitor business accounts on Google Business regularly. By doing so, businesses can stay visible and relevant to local customers, ultimately driving more traffic and potential customers to their physical locations.

Use Videos 

Video content has gained significant importance in platforms like Instagram, and now it's becoming increasingly crucial for SEO too. Search engines recognize that users enjoy watching videos, leading to their integration into search results.

In 2023, incorporating video into your SEO strategy can be one of your most effective steps. When you include videos on your website, visitors tend to stay longer, positively impacting your promotional efforts.

Another emerging trend influenced by current search realities is the use of reviews. While reviews have been around long, they now hold greater SEO potential. Users rely extensively on reviews to gather information about products and sellers before purchasing. By featuring video reviews of products or even photo versions with comments, businesses can aid customers in making informed buying decisions.

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Add Reviews

Customers feedback


Research indicates that a vast majority of users, about 9 out of 10, read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. These reviews carry significant weight with search engines like Google. Customer reviews are trusted more than traditional marketing messages, influencing search rankings positively for businesses with favorable reviews.

When it comes to blogging, search engine algorithms prefer fresh and regularly updated content. While blogging is valuable, there should be more than just one strategy. Excessive posts about products and services may be seen as biased and sales-focused, reducing their effectiveness. 

On the other hand, customer reviews offer authentic and relevant content for your business. They signal search engines that your website is active and provide social proof to potential customers, establishing the credibility of your business. Combining blogging with customer reviews creates a powerful SEO approach that engages users and improves your search ranking.

For small businesses, it's not necessary to build a large number of links. Instead, the focus should be on obtaining high-quality links to improve search engine ranking and trust for the website. To achieve this, consider acquiring the right links from the following sources:

  • Local directory sites
  • Industry-specific local sites
  • Affiliate sites operating in the same territory
  • Local media sites

Download Speed - The Importance Of It Is Only Growing

The significance of download speed is continuously growing. Short videos and messages are gaining popularity due to this trend. Consequently, people are less likely to wait for web pages to load for several minutes, and they won't tolerate navigating through pages with long loading times.

Therefore, optimizing download speed is essential to keep visitors engaged, improve website usability, and enhance overall user satisfaction.

Optimize The Text For Search Engine Response Blocks

To appear in the quick answers block, it's essential to prepare content and ensure the website is recognized as high-quality by search engines. When optimizing different parts of the site, it's crucial to work on all pages. The specific page should possess the following qualities:

  1. Provide precise answers to the user's question.
  2. Be authoritative and have quality backlinks.
  3. Demonstrate good user metrics, such as a low bounce rate and significant traffic share.
  4. Have proper formatting, where specific sections or paragraphs concisely address one user's question.

Social Media Publishing

Today's internet users spend a lot of time on social media, which gives marketers another channel to reach their audience. To capitalize on this opportunity to improve local SEO, post relevant content on platforms that you know are popular among your target demographic. A well-developed social media account helps improve a company's credibility. Social media interactions can also lead to more website traffic, better user engagement, and improved search engine rankings.

The Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on Quality Content: Create valuable and relevant content optimized for local SEO and user intent to attract and engage your target audience.
  • Embrace Video and Customer Reviews: Incorporate video content and utilize customer reviews to build trust, enhance credibility, and improve search engine rankings.
  • Leverage Social Media: Use social media platforms to connect with your audience, increase website traffic, and bolster your online presence.

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