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Have you thought of a strategy of exposing your product to millions of viewers on thousands of sites worldwide? You can do it quite easy with A-ADS bitcoin advertising network.

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You can advertise anonymously or create a user account for your convenience. It doesn't take much time since we respect your privacy and don't require personal data.

Relevant traffic

In A-ADS you can choose ad units straight from the publishers. We have traffic from various sources, a significant share of it is bitcoin or cryptocurrency related. We also feature traffic from other categories that you can explore in our catalog.

Pay as much as you like

Default advertising strategy at A-ADS is CPD (cost per day). You set a daily budget and we give you a share of the traffic from the ad units which satisfy your targeting criteria.

We can work on fixed CPM (cost per mille) and CPA (cost per action / revenue sharing) basis too, but CPD is preferable because it is simple and you don't need to pay for fake impressions. If you want CPM or CPA, please, consult support - we'll gladly help you.

Adjust your campaign

Our targeting options include targeting by country, type of ad (text/banner), traffic sources, max CPM, etc. Each option comes with its own limitations and may affect the efficiency of your campaign.

That's why the recommended way of using A-ADS is as follows:

  1. Create a low-budget advertising campaign with wide targeting (e. g. target all traffic sources).
  2. Enable goal tracking and use your analytics to detect which ad units generate useful traffic and attract customers.
  3. Reward efficient traffic sources to get more traffic from them. You can automate this process via our API, please consult our support team for details.

Reach your campaign goals with us!

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Get more paying customers

  • CPD, CPM, CPA advertising models
  • Payments in BTC and 20+ altcoins
  • Crypto, gambling, NSFW ads allowed

Monetize your traffic

  • Create and embed your ad unit in 5 minutes
  • Extremely lightweight HTML code with no JS
  • Earn up to 50% of our fees as an affiliate