Avoiding Common Mistakes: Why Your Telegram Ads May Be Denied

Yulia Savushkina
Yulia SavushkinaDigital Marketing Specialist
Updated: 28 April 2023
Avoiding Common Mistakes: Why Your Telegram Ads May Be Denied

Telegram is a popular messaging app that has gained immense popularity over the past few years. One of its features is the option to advertise channels and bots to a broad audience. However, not all ads are accepted by Telegram's moderators. While some reasons for ad rejection, such as profanity or promoting prohibited goods, are apparent, other non-obvious reasons can lead to ad blocking. In this article, we will discuss both obvious and non-obvious reasons for ad blockade on Telegram.

Obvious Reasons for Ad Blocking on Telegram 

First, let's take a look at some self-evident factors that may cause ads to be rejected on Telegram:


One of the most apparent reasons for ad blocking on Telegram is the use of profanity. Not only are all swear words prohibited, but also variants masked with an asterisk. 

2. Explicit Content

Telegram also prohibits any promotion of channels and bots related to explicit content, including sexual topics and dating.

3. Shocking Content

Telegram does not allow the promotion of channels and bots that display horrific, frightening images, such as blood, the dead, etc.

4. Non-certified services and products

Telegram prohibits promoting all products and services that require mandatory certificates and licenses, which the seller does not have. These can be non-certified medical clinics, medical products, prescriptions, products for losing or gaining weight, and medicines.

5. Plagiarism

Telegram has strict policies against impersonating famous personalities and selling something under someone else's name or offering intellectual property that is protected by copyright.

6. Deceptive advertising

False, fraudulent, or click bait advertising is also strictly prohibited on Telegram.

Non-Obvious Reasons for Ad Blocking on Telegram

Let's now examine some less apparent reasons for ad blocking on Telegram:

1. Incorrect Text Formatting

Your ad can be blocked if you misuse text "decorations" such as emoji, excessive punctuation, special characters, spaces, numbering, line breaks, and alternating upper and lower case. According to Telegram, all this makes the ad unreadable and annoying.

2. Too Broad or Vague Descriptions

To avoid ad rejection on Telegram, ensure that your ad clearly describes your channel's or bot's benefits, such as providing fresh information on a particular topic, offering discounts, featuring the author's product picks, and so on. Avoid using vague or broad wording, which may lead to ad rejection.

3. Repetition of Words and Phrases

Telegram advocates literate and diverse texts. If the ad has repetitions of words, even if there are only two repeating words in the ad, it may be rejected for moderation. 

4. Using Comparative or Superlative Degrees

Telegram does not allow comparisons of "your" product or service with "others" or phrases like "best product of all," "best prices of any company on the market," and so on. It's better to avoid comparing your offer with others. 

5. Advertisements of Telegram's Competitors

Telegram may reject ads promoting competitor messengers, social networks, and services. There are a few possible reasons, such as the site's aim to grow its audience and increase the number of advertisers. Moreover, such ads are often ineffective regarding conversion and customer loyalty.

6. Problem with the Link to the Channel or Bot

Telegram ads must contain one mandatory link on the button but may include a second written text. Adding more than one link in the text is not allowed, and the link must be consistent with the ad text. Both links must lead to the same channel or bot and work well. They cannot redirect a person to any other site, even if the final destination in the redirection chain is a channel or bot. 

7. Useless Bot

Telegram has specific requirements for the bot's parameters and functionality. A bot must be helpful, interactive, and branched, i.e., have different communication scenarios depending on the user's choices. Ads from bots that are not useful to people, but only collect contacts, show only ads, or redirect users to a website or another application, may not be accepted. Telegram is also wary of bots that send notifications to subscribers without their permission or more frequently than once every three days.

8. Politics

And finally, in Telegram, posting ads related to politics, such as promoting specific figures or parties, is forbidden. Do not try to write for or against any person or movement, call for unrest, or even use political dissent as a reason to advertise. Your ad will be banned for sure. 


In conclusion, Telegram indeed has strict policies regarding advertising channels and bots on its platform. But if you follow the rules, your ad will succeed! Just make sure to:

  • Read and follow Telegram's ad guidelines carefully to ensure compliance. Here is a link to Telegram's official guidelines for advertising: https://telegram.org/blog/ads
  • Proofread and check the text for formatting errors, repetition, and use of comparative or superlative degrees.
  • Provide clear and specific descriptions of the channel or bot in the ad, avoiding broad or vague wording.
  • Ensure the ad links are consistent with the ad text and lead to the correct destination.
  • Create a useful, interactive, and branched bot, and avoid sending notifications without the subscriber's permission.
  • Avoid promoting competitors' messengers or services, as well as political content.
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