Bitcoin Halving and Nakamoto Hommage


Bitcoin halving is going to happen within 10 hours, reducing bitcoin inflation to less than 1.8% per year, while central banks increase the money supply to fight the coronacrisis. How will all this affect the bitcoin price and adoption? We’ll see.

At least it should cause a series of publications and increase Bitcoin exposure in mass media. This process has already started and gained some attention, which could explain a recent Bitcoin price rise.

Perhaps, the hype related to the Bitcoin Halving reminded the famous modern composer Boris Filanovsky about his “Infinite Superposition” - an experimental musical form that grows somewhat similar to Bitcoin blockchain and had been started as Nakomoto Hommage in 2019.

Boris Filanovsky suddenly expressed his interest to resume the experiment, and promised to give his next iteration of “Infinite Superposition” the name of whoever donates 125 euro on Paypal labeled “DM#7”.

Back in 2019, the idea to crowdfund the infinite musical form with Bitcoin didn’t get much publicity and traction. Bitcoin users, including us, donated only 0.02814407 BTC in 3 transactions. Probably that is why a recent professional organ performance of Nakamoto Hommage is titled just “Boris Filanovsky Direct music #7”.

We still hope that Nakamoto Hommage will continue to grow. If you want to help, please make a bitcoin donation to Boris Filanovsky: 18DHwXu22sbiWnVtNwhN69pdFYrXs74tW2.

Update: we contacted Boris Filanovsky yesterday, and he republished the video under the proper name and with his Bitcoin address.

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