Latest news: Microsoft Crypto Wallet, Coinbase Outside U.S., and ChatGPT vs Labour Market

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Yulia Savushkina
Yulia SavushkinaDigital Marketing Specialist
Updated: 20 March 2023
Latest news: Microsoft Crypto Wallet, Coinbase Outside U.S., and ChatGPT vs Labour Market

Secret Crypto Wallet Found in Microsoft Edge Browser 

It seems that Microsoft has been quietly testing a built-in non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for its Edge browser. According to screenshots shared by software researchers, Microsoft is experimenting with a crypto wallet that can be used for crypto payments or as a gateway to DeFi and Web3 applications. 

The screenshots show that the crypto wallet is "embedded in Edge, making it easy to use without installing any extension," and it can handle multiple types of cryptocurrency. It will also record transactions and the value of your individual currencies as they fluctuate. 

It's not the first time the IT giant has shown interest in cryptocurrency and not the first web browser to include a crypto wallet. As adoption grows, several other major web browsers, such as Opera or Firefox, have recently added support for built-in crypto wallets. 

Secret Crypto Wallet Found in Microsoft Edge Browser

Coinbase Crypto Exchange Considers Overseas Trading Platform Amid U.S.

Citing its sources, Bloomberg writes about Coinbase's plans to launch an exchange outside the U.S. One of the reasons is increasing regulatory pressure and a souring banking climate for crypto firms. The crypto exchange intends to set up an alternative venue for global clients away from the central Coinbase marketplace. Coinbase has not yet decided where the new platform might be based. 

In addition, a Coinbase spokesperson said the exchange assesses geographic options and meets "with government officials in high-bar regulatory jurisdictions" to push for global crypto adoption. 

ChatGPT To Change Labour Market

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, recently said that artificial intelligence technology would reshape society as we know it. His concern is that AI chatbots could eliminate many current jobs.

"It is going to eliminate a lot of current jobs, that's true. We can make much better ones. The reason to develop AI at all, in terms of impact on our lives and improving our lives and upside, this will be the greatest technology humanity has yet developed," said OpenAI CEO.

Lazy student asking ChatGPT to write an essay

In addition to the danger of losing many workplaces, Sam Altman mentioned that the education system needs to be changed as AI encourages laziness and cheating among students. "But it's happened many other times with technology. When we got the calculator, the way we taught maths and what we tested students on totally changed". Moreover, the report says that Altman and his team want users to think of ChatGPT as a "co-pilot" in any field, someone who can help you write complex computer code or solve problems.

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