Anonymous accounts for unregistered users


We are pleased to announce that we now have new sign-up and sign-in webpages for those using the access code, i.e., unregistered users.

If you are not signed in, an anonymous (or unregistered) account is created automatically upon the creation of ad units and campaigns. You can manage it using the access code. If you are signed in, you will not notice any changes.

A distinctive feature of the unregistered account is that it doesn’t have an associated email or password. However, if you are using the same web browser session, you can create as many campaigns and ad units while retaining the same access code for all of them.

If necessary, you can specify email, username, and password at the user edit page. If you set and confirm an email address for your unregistered account, it will become registered. And if you specify a password as well, you can use the usual sign-in webpage.

For security reasons, please do use the access code as your new password. Also, mind that we do not store access codes in our database, and sometimes it becomes impossible to restore access to the unregistered account when the access code is lost. Therefore we highly recommend that you transition into the registered user by specifying your email address and password.

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