Important changes in our affiliate program


Our affiliate program is pretty old, it has been working without a change since 2013. At that time our system was "append-only", there were no user accounts and our users had to create new anonymous ads and ad units each time they wanted to edit anything. Affiliate payouts were life-long but worked only for ads created via referral links.

After the introduction of user accounts our affiliate program became less adequate and in some cases didn't work as expected. E. g. if a visitor came to our site via an affiliate link and created a user account instead of creating an ad, then there would be no referral connection between ads created by that user and the affiliate.

To fix the mentioned issues we have introduced the following changes to our affiliate program:

  1. Referral relationship between affiliates and advertisers is now based on both ads and user accounts created via affiliate links.
  2. Affiliate rewards will be paid from all advertising campaigns of referred advertisers during 6 months since their registration.

The changes have come into action since May, 1st.

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