Latest in Tech: Pantera Capital, Meta, and Polygon Make Headlines

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Micheal George
Micheal GeorgeAnalytics & Marketing Manager
Updated: 16 May 2023
Latest in Tech: Pantera Capital, Meta, and Polygon Make Headlines

Pantera Capital Invests $22.5 Million in M^ZERO Labs for Decentralized Infrastructure Development

Pantera Capital, a well-known cryptocurrency investment fund, has invested $22.5 million in M^ZERO Labs, a Berlin-based company focused on building a decentralized infrastructure primarily for institutional investors. The funds will be used to develop middleware that facilitates on-chain asset allocation and value transfer, thereby minimizing counterparty risk. Other investors who participated in this funding round include Road Capital, AirTree, and Standard Crypto. M^ZERO Labs aims to connect global financial system assets with decentralized applications. According to Pantera Capital, M^ZERO's project has the potential to revolutionize institutional asset allocation and value exchange.

Meta Launches Advanced AI Model for Object Recognition and Masking in Images and Videos 

 Advanced AI Model for Object Recognition


Meta has just released a new AI model called the Segment Anything Model (SAM), which can identify specific objects in images and videos. SAM is pretty advanced and can even recognize items it hasn't seen before. In fact, it has the largest dataset of image annotations to date. With SAM, users can segment objects with just a click or by selecting points. SAM can output multiple valid masks and automatically identify and mask all objects in an image or video. For example, if you type "cat," SAM will create masks for all the cats in an image.

Polygon Emerges as Second-Largest Gaming Blockchain Following Surge in User Activity

Thanks to surging user activity in March, the network has become the second-largest gaming blockchain in terms of unique active wallets (UAWs). According to DappRadar's "Blockchain Games Report," Polygon had 138,081 UAWs engaging in gaming in March, up 53% from February. This fact puts Polygon ahead of Hive and BNB Chain, while Wax is still in the lead. Polygon's success can be attributed to games like Hunters On-Chain RPG by BoomLand, which saw a UAW increase of over 17,000% in the past 30 days alone.

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