Latest News: ChatGPT Is Now Mobile, Bitcoin Payments App Expands, and Microsoft Adds AI Features

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Emmanuel Olatunji
Emmanuel OlatunjiSupport Manager
Updated: 22 May 2023
Latest News: ChatGPT Is Now Mobile, Bitcoin Payments App Expands, and Microsoft Adds AI Features

Microsoft Enhances Mobile Apps with AI Features

Microsoft unveiled a range of AI updates for their suite of mobile apps, intensifying the competition with Google and others.

Among the updates is the rollout of several new features for Bing, such as videos, Knowledge Cards, graphs, improved formatting, and social sharing capabilities in Bing Chat. Desktop and mobile users can now enjoy chat history, allowing them to review their recent activity easily. Microsoft is also incorporating Bing Chat into the mobile version of its Edge browser app. 

ChatGPT Is Going Mobile

ChatGPT Is Now On Mobile


OpenAI recently announced the official launch of its iOS app, which allows users to access the popular AI chatbot on the go. Finally, we can chat with ChatGPT anytime and anywhere!

The new ChatGPT app is entirely free to use and ad-free. It even supports voice input through Whisper, OpenAI's voice recognition system. Initially, the app will be limited to U.S. users, but support for other markets will be coming in the following weeks. And good news for Android users, an Android version is also on the horizon.

Bitcoin Payments App Strike Expands to Over 65 Countries

Bitcoin payments app, Strike, led by CEO Jack Mallers, is expanding its reach from the U.S. to over 65 countries. This announcement came during the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Florida. Strike utilises Bitcoin and Lightning, a secondary network for faster and cheaper Bitcoin transactions, to provide global payment and cross-border money transfer services. The app has been redesigned with a new user interface and now allows users to hold funds in Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT).

This expansion significantly increases Strike's addressable market to nearly 3 billion people! To improve the user experience, Strike has focused on enhancing the app's onboarding process, particularly for users outside the United States, where app design standards may vary.

The main goal of Strike is to facilitate Bitcoin transactions and cross-border payments for individuals in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.

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