Nakamoto Hommage


Let the music last forever!

We believe in free music the same way as we believe in free markets! To prove that, we have asked a contemporary Russian composer Boris Filanovsky to create a musical piece, dedicated to Satoshi Nakamoto, the legendary creator of Bitcoin.

The opus is meant to be an endless musical form with non-linear structure, meaning it is subject to change from any point of its ever-evolving body. The composition will be distributed under the open license. It can be performed with any set of instruments and vocalized with any timber.

Anyone can contribute to producing this composition making a voluntary contribution to the following bitcoin address: 18DHwXu22sbiWnVtNwhN69pdFYrXs74tW2. Every 100 euros of the budget will equal to 1 added minute of sound.

The beginning has already been funded and is available to listen on YouTube:

Boris Filanovsky is a Golden Mask Award for Musical Theatre/Best Composer nominee and a winner of several international awards. He has established a “direct music” approach, which means that anyone can directly place an order on a musical piece, written by him.

This hommage to Satoshi Nakamoto has led the composer to an idea somewhat similar to mining - it is now possible to open your own “music bank account” and invest into your life-long musical piece, that will grow and change as long as you want it.

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