Frequently Asked Questions

Advertisers pay any amount to publishers and get proportional share of impressions from them. Advertisers can reward publishers for sales thus improving efficiency of advertising campaign. Optimized campaign pays for itself from sales.
Short answer: no. It is anonymous in sense that it doesn't store any personal information about its users. But at the same time it is transparent. So if you are advertising your service, or embedding AA code on your site, then it is often easy to guess who you are (though could be difficult to prove it). See our Privacy Policy for details.
Yes. In fact, all our publishers are our affiliates since our ads contain a logo with referral link to AnonymousAds. You can use that link without embedding our ads anywhere, you don't even need to have a website. We pay our affiliates 50% of fees collected from referred advertisers.
In some cases we can. If you specified your bitcoin address upon campaign/ad unit creation then you don't need a password: you can sign in with your bitcoin address. Otherwise please contact us or just create a new campaign / ad unit.
New ad units automatically appear in the "Unknown" category. Categories for ad units of type "Site" are being set by our moderators (normally within 24 hours after you embed it to your site and start generating unique traffic).
Yes, you can add $_GET params to your code, see example. Also you can generate this code via web interface at ad unit's page.
You can create ad unit for one page and use it on other pages. Make sure they share the same domain name or your impressions won't be counted as unique. Our bot will check whether ad unit code is actually present on the specified URL to calculate its health.
We might not have enough advertisers that pass your filters and agree to pay you, sorry. That probably means our traffic is undervalued, so you could benefit from it if you become an advertiser ;)
Yes, you can create as many ad units for a single page as you want, but it doesn't mean you will earn more. See this blog post for details.
The “Anonymous” type is used for traffic sources that can’t be verified by AA bot (e.g. mobile applications, browser extensions, etc). You can use it for dynamic pages as well, but you are likely to earn more if you use "Website" since many advertisers don't pay for anonymous traffic.
Our default metric is the number of globally unique impressions per day. If we have already got an impression from the same IP today (no matter who generated it), we won't count it as unique. It's not a problem since we are not pay-per-impression network and all publishers are in equal position. However for debugging purposes we roughly count non-unique impressions too, you can see the charts on the Stats tab of your ad unit page ( If you have lots of non-unique impressions and no unique impressions, then please double check that your traffic comes from the domain that corresponds to the URL specified upon ad unit creation.
Withdrawals happen automatically when your balance hits withdrawal threshold (min 0.0001 Ƀ, once per 24 hours or less frequently).
Daily budget is the maximum amount of money you allow us to distribute between ad units during a day in exchange for a share of their impressions.
We take 20% from money spent by our advertisers as fees.
Goal tracking allows advertisers to reward ad units for quality traffic that results in desired actions (such as purchases). AnonymousAds provides a trivial Goal tracking API to reward publishers from campaign's balance. You need to have the password of your campaign to use it. When you switch on the "Goal tracking" option, AnonymousAds adds a code to your ad link. This code allows you to identify the publishers that generate sales for you. Reward those publishers via Goal tracking API and get more impressions from them! We really appreciate advertisers that set up goal tracking. Please contact us and we will help you set it up!
There could be many reasons for that. For instance your ad could be banned or not activated. Another possible reason might be that your daily budget is too low. Yet another possible reason might be that you just didn't pay enough or your campaign doesn't contain enough traffic sources. Also it could be a bug. Please contact us if you need help.

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