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Your benefits as an advertiser

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Right audience

Deliver your ad to the target audience
across 1000s of crypto and other
industry websites

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Open marketplace

Target for all available traffic,
chosen publishers’ categories,
or specific websites

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CPD and CPA models

Pay just for real targeted traffic
and useful visitors, not for fake clicks
and impressions

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Crypto deposits

We accept the most popular cryptocurrencies to top up an account through quick crypto wallet transaction

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Simplicity and friendliness

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Ability to stay private
with no KYC requirements

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Quick manual campaign
moderation within 1 hour

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Real-time statistics and
transparent goal tracking

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Customer Support 24/7
via Live Chat

Create and target
campaigns easily

  • Fixed and adaptive banner sizes
  • JPG, PNG, GIF or zero-pic banner formats
  • Website category targeting
  • Language targeting within global audience
  • Campaign duration and daily budget settings
Become an advertiser

Don’t have ready-made banners? Create a zero-pic banner which looks like
a simple tweet and launch your ad campaign without any delay

Become an advertiser

How it works

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Create a campaign

Fill in the title and the text of your ad,
upload banners if you have some

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Complete the settings

Set up price limits and choose
your target audience

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Top up your account

Deposit funds and wait for campaign

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Get the result

Well done! Your advertising
is launched!

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Affiliate programs

You can pay for the specific goals your target audience meets.
Use the CPA/Revenue sharing model to reward the affiliates. 
Decide how much to pay and what for

Create an affiliate program