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Guarantees & Responsibilities

Anonymous Ads offers no guarantees, and is not responsible for any (real or imaginary) losses incurred while using the site.

Refunds may be considered but are not guaranteed. When funds have already been sent to the publisher refunds will rarely be given.


Anonymous Ads reserves the right to refuse ads which may be illegal or considered harmful. Ads with sensitive or questionable content will be marked as such.

Ads may be banned at any time, and the remaining money in the account may be refunded to the advertiser. If you are suspected of malicious intent you will not be refunded.


Twenty percent of all monies paid by advertisers will be considered Anonymous Ads fees.


All users' input and stats is considered public data (see Privacy Policy).


This and all statements on the site may be updated at any time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the site user to familiarize themselves with this statement each time they use this site.