Danil Persky
Danil PerskyHead of Customer Support
Updated: 01 September 2023
Crypto to Fiat Guide


Welcome to the Crypto to Fiat Guide, designed for advertisers who prefer making fiat deposits. This guide outlines the process using a third-party service called Changelly. 

It's important to note that Changelly is an external platform, and while we provide this guide, we cannot be held responsible for any issues you might encounter while using it. Additionally, we do not offer financial documentation for purchases made through Changelly.


1. Initiating the Deposit

To begin, log in to your A-ADS account and select "Deposit funds."
💡Let’s say we’d like to deposit BTC

Initiating the Deposit


2. Copying the Address

After selecting the currency, you'll be presented with a wallet address. Click on "Copy" to copy this address.

Copying the Address


3. Navigating to Changelly

Open your web browser and visit Changelly. On the Changelly platform, click on the "Buy" option.

Navigating to Changelly


4. Choosing Fiat and Crypto

At this point, you need to select the fiat currency you wish to use for payment and the cryptocurrency you're depositing (the same one chosen in the A-ADS deposit window). 

💡 For instance, if you're depositing BTC and have copied the BTC address, choose BTC. In this example, we'll be buying BTC in USD.

Choosing Fiat and Crypto


5. Selecting Payment Provider

💡 Now, you'll be prompted to choose a payment provider. Although the following steps are demonstrated for the Simplex platform, feel free to select your preferred provider. Pay attention to the transaction details, including the displayed fee.

Selecting Payment Provider

6. Entering Address and Payment Information

Paste the address copied from the A-ADS deposit funds window into the designated field and click "Buy." 

Entering Address and Payment Information


7. Email Verification

Proceed by entering your payment information, including card details and personal information. Click "Pay" to proceed.

Email Verification


Email Verification Two


8. Complete Email Verification

Complete the email verification process as required. 

Complete Email Verification

 9. Payment Approval

Your payment request should now be under review for approval.

Payment Approval


10. Processing and Waiting

Wait till the fund are processed in your account

💡 Usually, deposits sent to A-ADS are processed within an hour.

Processing and Waiting

Congratulations! You've successfully completed the process of depositing fiat into your A-ADS account. You may check the status of your deposit on Finances => Deposits page.

 The Process of Depositing Fiat is Completed

If you encounter any issues during the process, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for assistance. We're here to help ensure a smooth experience for you.

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