How to use CPM bids with A-ADS?

Olga Ostrovskaya
Olga OstrovskayaData Analyst
Updated: 11 March 2020
How to use CPM bids with A-ADS?

Although our main payment scheme is the daily budget, our advertisers can also use CPM bids to buy traffic. Buying bids, you pay a fixed CPM, so the risk of paying for fake traffic is higher than on the daily budget terms.

There are several good practices for how to use CPM bids with success, though.

Use bids to test traffic with broad targeting

Adjust your campaign to target All traffic, set Goal tracking on, and create low CPM bids. You can also allow anonymous traffic alongside with setting CPM extremely low. Receive traffic and track the sources that convert for you.

Use CPM bids to buy traffic from a few good sites at a low price

If you already know what sites convert for you, you can target only them and use bids to buy traffic from them at a low price. Our algorithms favor fixed CPM, so if any targeted traffic is available at the CPM you offer, you'll receive it.

Use CPM bids for untypical geo-targeting

CPM bids are useful for campaigns with very narrow geo-targeting. They are more likely to have success in targeting countries like Finland, Southern Africa, Sweden, etc. Fixed CPM protects you from spending all your daily budget for a few very expensive impressions.

A few more tips:

  • On CPM terms, you pay for campaign-unique impressions, but everywhere on the site, we display globally unique ones, which are far less frequent.
  • The traffic might come within an hour if the price is high.
  • Traffic might be delivered very slowly or not delivered at all if the price is too low or targeting is too narrow. You can cancel the bid in the case and get back all the unspent money.
  • Don't set high CPM for broad targeting. A high price doesn't make your traffic better.
  • Don't buy too many bids at once: impressions will come proportionally to spent money, but there might be a few clicks. So test traffic before paying more.
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