How are we different from other cryptocurrency advertising platforms?


We respect privacy. First of all - we are an anonymous network. Publisher or advertiser - it is your choice how much personal information to share. As long as your activity is legit, we are OK with your incognito status. Also, our ads don't run javascript, and they don't leave cookies until you click them.

Pay-per-day is our default payment model for the advertisers. It means that you set any preferred daily budget and we give you a share of traffic for the money. You can adjust your targeting options, exclude poor traffic sources and fine tune your campaign by enabling the goal tracking and selecting the most efficient traffic sources.

Pay-for-result advertising also an option, as soon as you are able to do a bit of programming on your side, please contact our support team for more information.

Unique impressions. If you are a publisher this will be an important factor of your successful earnings with us. Please see this article to understand what we mean by this.

Lightweight non-intrusive ads. We don’t go for pop-ups and pop-unders. Our text ads follow a simple protocol and are easy to download.

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Get more paying customers

  • CPD, CPM, CPA advertising models
  • Payments in BTC and 20+ altcoins
  • Crypto, gambling, NSFW ads allowed

Monetize your traffic

  • Create and embed your ad unit in 5 minutes
  • Extremely lightweight HTML code with no JS
  • Earn up to 50% of our fees as an affiliate